Monday, 13 July 2015

Getting organised = more creative time.

Today's post is not directly about Tarot or Divination but does come around to them eventually because it's all about freeing up my time and being more focussed which will allow me to have more time for my creative juices to flow and bear fruit.

The word for today, this week and the coming months is Organisation!

I have always been quite an organised person when it comes to keeping a diary of daily events and household stuff.   A few weeks back I started feeling that my little pocket sized Filofax was just bursting at the seams with the addition of more and more notes and ideas that i've been adding since the start of this year.  Sketches and doodles have also been added,   aaah the sketches and doodles - well that's another story altogether.

On Saturday, my lovely new A5 Filofax arrived and i'm in love with it's vibrant, juicy colour, just brilliant.  Even more brilliant is the increased diary space for appointments and the extra ring space for all the plans, sketches, doodles, ideas, cute stickers (love those), cards, notes and such.

I started out this year with my spiritual and motivational word being INTENTION and this is part of that forward motion created through doing things with intent.

Over the last few years i've been having thoughts and ideas about things but not putting them into action.  I'm being forgiving to myself about this because i've had a rather tough time personally living with and coming to terms with grief over the last five years (i'll about this another time).  Towards the end of last year things shifted and there was this overwhelming feeling to once again embrace sharing all the things that bring me joy, to share my experiences of healing spiritually and mentally and to just have fun chatting and reconnecting with people about all the cool things happening with Tarot, Crystals, Mediation, Lenormand etc.

This weekend I started migrating all my info from the much loved little green pocket Filofax to the newbie and during this week i'm going to unashamedly indulge my stationery-loving side by jazzing it up a bit here and there, setting the scene for all the focus and creativity that's going to be happening around here.

Anything you do to be more organised and allow creative space?

Words of motivation you meditate on or are inspired by 2015?

I'd love to hear :-)

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