Friday, 14 February 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
On this day of love remember the most important love affair is the one you have with yourself 💖

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Monday, 10 February 2020

Sunny Sunflowers Square - Free Crochet Pattern

I am so delighted to share this crochet pattern with you.  It's a design I created and published in 2011 but i've been busy over the last two weeks adding additional rounds to change it from the earlier circle motif to a square motif, as well as taking photographs for the various stages. 

You'll be able to read all about it and get the pattern over on my blog Karen Wiederhold Designs where I share my work as a published freelance craft designer.

I'd love it if you would like, comment and share the link to my craft blog Karen Wiederhold Designs.

If you use this pattern and would like to show your appreciation,  please consider a donation to your local Samaritans or Mental Health and Wellbeing Charities.  

I wish you many happy hours crocheting this blanket pattern which has a very special place in my heart.

Karen x

Please note:  This design is an original, created by me and shared with you for personal use only.   Please do not make and sell items using this pattern.  Please do not sell or reproduce the pattern or use it to teach classes or run groups without my consent. 

Guidance for the week beginning 10 February 2020

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
The cards for this week are Purity and the Eight of Pentacles. Don't pay attention to thoughts about past mistakes or negativity about yourself and your abilities - begin anew, fresh and ready to be great. The Eight of Pentacles speaks to us of working steadily at fine tuning or mastering our skill, learning perseverance through the process and gaining confidence.

Be mindful of being too critical of your progress this week in whatever it is you are working at. If you are considering learning something new - this week may be the week to begin setting that wheel in motion. If you’re worried about time constraints in doing that, this card reminds us that not everything needs to be achieved overnight. There is value in gaining knowledge and experience through the process of study, practice, trial and error.

Wishing you a wonderful week, be kind to yourself and honour your uniqueness.


If you enjoy these weekly messages and would like to book a reading please get it touch through my website, Kaleidoscope Wellbeing and Tarot.

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Monday, 3 February 2020

Guidance for the week beginning 3 February 2020

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
Guidance for the week beginning 3 February 2020.  This week we may feel like we're hurtling along at quite a pace and possibly not in the direction we were planning for things to go, or feeling pulled one way then another. We may also experience the aggravation of unexpected inconvenience related to travel.
Take a deep breath, gather yourself and your thoughts and get control of those reigns. Plan ahead, stay in control, trust in your abilities, make a list if your mind is whirling with ideas and things to do. Focus that energy instead of being swept along by it.

Wishing you a happy and healthy week.
K x


 Cards: The Hezicos Tarot by Mary Griffin

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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Butternut Soup - kitchen witchery.

This weekend I made Butternut Soup; deciding to rely on a bit of kitchen witchery to come up with the recipe as I went along.   Just look at that colour!  A great colour to put into the body when you need an energetic boost.

The finished product, which we ate for lunch, was yummy if I say so myself.  I have written the recipe down now so I can make it again!  I may even share it here.

So if you think I should share it, drop a comment below.

Saturday, 1 February 2020

Imbolc 2020

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
As the bluebells in our garden begin to make their reappearance, we give thanks for the stirring of life and the return of warmth and light. Wishing you a blessed Imbolc.

February 2020

Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Deck Unboxing: The Enchanted Blossoms Oracle

For my birthday in December, I received this deck The Enchanted Blossoms Oracle.  I had seen it in Starchild in Glastonbury while visiting for The Frost Fayre earlier in November.  I purchased it with early birthday money and squirreled it away until the actual day. 
The Enchanted Blossoms Oracle is created by Carla Morrow and published by Blue Angel Publishing.
The deck of 44 cards and 107 page guidebook are housed in a sturdy box measuring 17cm x 12.5cm.  The cards themselves measure 14cm x 8.2cm - card stock lovers will enjoy the quality and feel of these cards.

The Enchanted Blossoms Oracle is a beautiful and unusual deck with a romantic Victorian atmosphere.  Each card is illustrated with a painting of a flower and accompanied by a butterfly, which on closer inspection we see is an enchanting little dragon.  

The cards are bordered with a lovely antique style frame, completed by a keyword message and the names of the plant/flower and the accompanying butterfly.  The flowers have been chosen based on their meaning in the Language of Flowers Dictionary.  The guidebook has a short history for each flower, an interpretation of the message, and questions for us to ponder encouraging a better understanding of what it means to us personally.

Here are some photographs of a few of the cards so you get a feel for the deck.  If you have a fondness for butterflies and flowers like I do, or perhaps would like to learn the names of flowers and butterflies in general, then you will enjoy and have pleasure in this deck.

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Small changes

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
I've been making time to take a walk each day with my favourite furry companion; going a different route each time to see the changes around us.  He likes it too because there's all sorts of new smells he just HAS to investigate.

It's good for me, as someone who works from home, to get out and about in the fresh air, stretch my legs and switch off for an hour.

Photo by Karen Wiederhold

The old oak tree is just down the road in the village green. It's massive and magnificent and I love it so much.

Lots of little signs of life beginning to poke up from the chilly earth.

Photo by Karen Wiederhold

Monday, 20 January 2020

Guidance for the week beginning 20 January 2020

This week, beginning 20 January 2020, may find us focusing our energies in working as a team or needing to be aware that we aren't contributing/taking part as a team member as much as we think we are.

We may be choosing to work alone because we feel we can do a better job on our own or perhaps we are worried that our skills or contributions aren't good enough or appreciated. Each person has a role to play no matter how small their contribution.

Being part of a team has many benefits - it allows us to share skills and learn from others, solve problems, come up with better ideas or ways of tackling challenges and celebrate successes. The team does not necessary mean work colleagues. It may be our family group or circle of friends. It may me the team of health care professionals working with and supporting us at a time of illness. 

Be proud of what you have to offer your team and be mindful of what you have to gain from working within it too.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

K x