Friday, 9 October 2020

Karen's Favourite Fruit Tea Cake (Fat Free)

Yesterday was a day for a lovely slice of an old favourite, accompanied by a hot mug of tea.  Lucky for me I remembered to soak the fruit the night before, which is an essential part of the process for making this cake on the day you want to bake it.  

Here's the recipe which i'm sure you'll enjoy too.  

Have a great weekend, K x


Karen's Favourite Fruit Tea Cake (Fat Free)


350g mixed dried fruit or raisins

175ml strong black tea

125g light brown sugar

225g self raising flour

1 lightly whisked egg


Place dried fruit into a bowl with tea and sugar, stir until the sugar is dissolved.  Cover and leave for 12 hours.

Add the flour and egg to the fruit mixture and stir with a spoon to mix.  It's not necessary to beat the mixture.

Spoon into a lined loaf tin.

Bake at 160C (fan oven) for 90 minutes.

Allow to cool thoroughly before cutting.

Enjoy as is or with a light spreading of marmalade (or butter if you aren't on a fat free diet).


Saturday, 27 June 2020

Personal Tarot Practice - Thanking, Honouring and Readiness

A conversation with a friend yesterday about the decks I use for reading and what I do with them once I have finished prompted me to share my personal practice that I like to do after each session or day of readings.  Others may call this a ritual or cleansing; cleansing is not something I feel describes what I do or what I feel is necessary.

I like to thank the cards and my guides and helpers for their guidance and to also honour the clients who came for a reading and who shared a little of themselves with me in our time together.  It’s also a way for me to send out healing thoughts for them as they move forward in their lives and to ready the decks for the next time I use them for readings.

My most used decks for reading with clients are the Radiant Rider Waite and the Universal Waite which are both shown here.  They travel to and from readings in their pouches which were made by me, and remain in them when I return home until it’s time for thanking, honouring and readiness.

The decks and the pouches are laid down on my sacred space* with a candle between them and a flower or leaf placed on top of each deck.  Sometimes there are more than two decks in which case I arrange them around the candle like the petals of a flower.  I light incense and say a few words for thanks and healing, and leave them undisturbed.  Once the candle has burned out I take the flowers, or leaves, with the ashes from the incense and return them to the garden. The decks are each put back in order and returned to their pouches ready for their next readings. 

It’s important to mention that I don't do this between each client during a reading session because we’d be there all day, however I do carry out a short and simple practice between each reading in readiness for the next client.

This thanking, honouring and readiness practice came about as a way for me to bring readings to a close at the end of the day in a way that feels personal, practical and special.

If you’d like to try or adapt what I’ve shared here for yourself you are welcome and i’d love to hear your experiences if you’d like to share them.  By sharing my post -reading practice here it is not me saying this is what must be done, or how it should be done, or that you should have a practice.  Personal practices should be just that, personal to what works for you and what honours your work and your spiritual connection.

With love,
Karen x

* I’ve not shown my entire sacred space as this remains private.

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Saturday, 20 June 2020

Steampunk Tea Leaf Reading Cards

Steampunk Tea Leaf Fortune Telling Cards
Drinking tea and having a play with a new deck today.  The Steampunk Tea Leaf Fortune Telling Cards.

I bought these cards as a result of the talk about Tea Leaf Reading by Karin Dalton-Smith at the World Divination Association Virtual Conference.  She talked us through the process of conducting a reading using tea leaves in a teacup, then mentioned a deck she had created.

These cards are lovely and the bronze edging is yummy. They really are like melted chocolate, as Karin described them.

Monday, 15 June 2020

Lighten the Load Spread

I created and use this spread for when i'm experiencing moments of overwhelm or stress.

I thought you might find it helpful too.

This spread works perfectly with both Tarot and Oracle cards, and i've on occassion used charms and crystals instead of cards.  See what works best for you.

Lighten the Load Spread created by Karen Wiederhold, Kaleidoscope Wellbeing and Tarot

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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Chatting about Pear Upside-down Cake, Tadpoles and a new deck.

It's been busy around here since the last blog post on Wednesday last week.  I'm never at a loss of having things to keep me busy thanks to being craft and book mad and that's not changed much while we are in lockdown.  I don't know about you but I often have trouble stopping for a break (and sometimes lunch) when I get in full swing with something, especially if it's something outside in the garden.  Total awareness of time disappears when i'm out there pottering about.

Work on my upcoming crochet blanket pattern has been going at a great pace and alongside this i've been having loads of inspiration coming through for other patterns for later in the year.  The release day for the the pattern for the Gemstone Blanket titled 'Energised' is Wednesday next week so keep an eye out for the announcements.
With all that creative energy flying about it's not a surprise that this lovely lady from the Light Seer's Tarot made another appearance for May in my daily card draw and journaling session.  Apart from the message that she brings - just take a look at the the colours of this particular image.  It's is a perfect match with the colours that the Gemstone Blanket is being made with.  Love it when things like this happens!  It's magic.
Speaking of magic.....a rainbow in my teacup.  What a great way to start the day.

What about the colours of these Snapdragons?  Aren't they delicious?  These are self-sown from last year's crop so a nice surprise to see then popping up amongst the 'Love in the Mist' I showed you last week.  Swiping through the photos on my phone on Thursday and coming across this one,  I had this silly little poem compose itself in my head.  It turns out it was useful in cheering a few people up, and an appropriate reminder to me later on in the day when I had a meltdown over the sink being filled with dishes yet again when the washer was empty.

"Try not to be snappy like a Snapdragon today, 
instead find some time to be silly and play.
If you can't do that then get yourself busy,
pulling out your cards will stop your tizzy."

Last Friday saw the one year anniversary of the last episode of Game of Thrones.  What a night that was and what an ending!  It was fun seeing that memory popping up in my Facebook feed, but let's face it, it's not always great in flashing up memories that are actually lovely.  Some of them have been inappropriate or unfortunate for being referred to as a memory you might want to be reminded of.

More baking again this week.  This time an upside-down cake combination inspired by the can of pears in the cupboard combined with an urge to bake. Traditionally this cake is made using pineapple rings and sliced glace cherries but I didn't have any of them on hand and I was in the mood for a bit of experimenting.

Many of you asked for the recipe in response to the photograph of the cake on Facebook and Instagram.  I was reluctant to do that because i'd used a recipe out of a book.  However, I did rummage through my own handwritten gathering of recipes for the upside-down recipe I knew I had, and which i'd be able to share with you in good conscience.

Wouldn't you know it, the ingredients are the same.  So here is the recipe, with my own bits added for Upside-Down Cake.

Pear Upside-Down Cake 

1 400g can Pear Halves or fruit of your choice.
125g Self-raising Flour
125g Baking Margerine or Butter
125g Castor Sugar
2 Large Eggs
1 tsp Baking Powder
1tsp Vanilla Essence
Note:  (For this Pear version of the cake I added 1 tsp Ground Ginger to the mixture instead of the Vanilla because it's a good combination with Pears.  If you make a version with Pineapple or other fruit, I don't think Ginger will work well for flavour, so use Vanilla Essence instead.)

To make:

Preheat oven to 190˚C/170˚C Fan/Gas mark 5
Line a 20cm round baking tin.

Beat eggs.

Cut pear halves into slices, but not too thin.

Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl and beat until the batter is pale and creamy.

Arrange the slices of  pear onto the bottom of the cake tin, then place the batter on top and level it out.

Bake for 20 minutes or until the knife comes out clean when inserted into the cake.  Note: The knife tip may have moisture on it from the fruit, but you will see the difference between this and unbaked cake batter.

Leave to cool before turning the cake out onto a plate. 

Enjoy x


The tadpoles in our garden pond are doing well and have begun to develop their little legs, which you may be able to see in this picture.  As you can imagine it's difficult do photograph them because the minute I get close to the pond surface they dash away and hide.  There aren't as many as there were right at the very beginning when they first hatched, but there's still plenty of them to ensure a lively population amongst the ivy in the flower beds in a few weeks time.

Regretably i've not been on the ball with planting seeds into propagators this year so i've sown directly this time.  Yesterday the winds had died down so being outside was pleasant once again, allowing me to get stuck in with sowing,  sorting out the compost, tidying up the pots and re-potting some plants that needed more space.  One of them was a succulent that had been growing in the conservatory and which took a tumble off the window sill because it had become so lanky and top heavy.  Sadly quite a few of it's petals (are they called petals?) broke off but it's still okay, has a larger pot and the addition of some skewers to keep it upright until it settles it's roots.

Seeds sown in the giant pots yesterday were tomatoes, spinach and radishes.  In previous years we've planted much more, but with no longer having the raised beds because our dog loved to scamper through and 'water' them, we've had to use giant pots instead which has changed what we plant.  I would like to change this in future because we do miss growing our own vegetables.

The twigs you see here are to prevent birds and the resident squirrels from scratching about in the new soil and compost in the giant pots - or so I hoped.  This morning I came out to find that there had indeed been some disturbance, so all going as planned the mesh that's now been added will prevent this from happening again until the plants are well on their way.

New deck!  The Shadowlands Tarot by Monica Bodirsky.  I could resist my curiosity about this no longer.

Sometime last week or over the weekend i'd watched a video with Monica where she talked about her deck.  Before then i'd seen images popping up here and there but hadn't paid too much attention because i'd not felt drawn to the artwork or the theme.  In hearing her talk, I became really curious about it but still wasn't sure how i'd get on with the creatures that inhabit the deck. 

The creatures and monsters in the deck are quirky and have become so endearing - even the ones I had initally felt a bit creeped out by.  The voice of the deck is very clear and there is a light that begins to shine on unseen aspects of the card meanings the more you sit with them.  In the few readings i've done for myself so far, i've found myself being prodded to feel and think about things differently.  Somehow as you spend time looking closer at the characters, their 'scaryness' falls away and you see their personality, moods and vulnerability.

I'll do a more detailed unboxing or review later on.  For now I will say that in the few days i've had the deck i'm completely won over and what i've read of the book so far is thought-provoking and great fun. 

All you crocheters were surprised with another free crochet pattern called the Romantic Hearts Square.  It's an oldie but a goodie that i've given a bit of a revamp. If you didn't see the release announcement with links to my design blog Karen Wiederhold Designs, not to worry because it's waiting for you here

Monday was Bank Holiday and an unexpected surprise filled the sky that afternoon.  Isnt' it great?  It was thanks to Pilot Rich Goodwin.  You can read about him and why he did it here

Before I head off to take the dog for a walk,  i'd like to remind you that each Friday at 11h00 is a distance Reiki session which I offer completely free of charge.  If you would like your name or that of a friend or family member to be included in my list of recipients, please send me a private message or email.

   Have a great week. 
Stay well and safe,
K x

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Chatting about Tarot, Flowers, Biscuits, Crochet and a Fox

Hello all,

Today is an absolutely beautiful day and i'm loving the bright sunshine and warmth. I'm not a fan of being too hot, so i'm thankful that at this time of the day the conservatory is in the shade and I can sit and do my daily card reading, crochet and listen to podcasts without melting.

These are the decks that have been hanging out with me this week.  I've not used the Spiritsong Tarot for ages so it was nice to feel a pull to use it on Monday for my weekly guidance reading.  The Light Seer's has not been far from my reach since it arrived months ago and I adore everything about it.  Come to think of it, i've been meaning to write a post about my thoughts on it........

Progress on the Gemstone Blanket pattern for my Karen Wiederhold Designs  blog is coming along nicely and i'll be ready to release it there next week.

So excited to share it with you. As you can see by the image here, the colours for this project were inspired by a selection of gemstones from my collection; more on this later.

Over the past few weeks i've been enjoying walking with our dog in the evening; something so many people are unable to do right now. I started taking photographs of flowers to send to family members who are in lock-down and not allowed daily exercise and those who are elderly and struggling to get out and about.  It's become a bit of a thing with them all to get these floral photographs from me.

I don't know about you but i've definitely become more aware of tiny changes in my neighbourhood each day. How many times in the past have I walked past these local plants and flowers and not given them much notice? Now with outings being limited, the experience has been one of drinking in as much of the outdoor surroundings as possible.

Here are some of the beauties from last night's walk.

As we made our way back home, we noticed this little face peeping at us from behind some tall grass close to a neighbour's house. They sat there for ages watching us. It was so lovely and really made the perfect end to the day; especially for me because of my fascination with Foxes.

During lockdown i've been doing quite a lot of baking and know i'm not alone in this, judging by the increase in photos of baked goodies filling my social media feed from friends and family. 

On Monday I shared the recipe for my favourite Ginger Biscuits on my craft blog and have had some lovely messages from people wanting to try them. I hope they do because they are very tasty and very easy to make.

You'll find the recipe for them and some other favourites of mine here.

Chat with you again soon,
K x

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Wednesday, 15 April 2020

The Muse Tarot has arrived.

The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne Donnelly

A very different style of deck for me but there is something about it that makes me curious, and I also have it on good authority that it is one I will find revealing.  I'm always open to new experiences so I'm looking forward to getting to know it. We will be hanging out in the garden later having a chat.

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Friday, 3 April 2020

Announcement: Coming Soon

As many of you know, I’m a published freelance craft designer.  Tomorrow over on my craft blog, Karen Wiederhold Designs, i’ll be releasing a new crochet pattern absolutely free if you'd like to check it out.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Valentine's Day 2020

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
On this day of love remember the most important love affair is the one you have with yourself 💖

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