Saturday, 4 July 2015

Beautiful Details - Tewkesbury Abbey

Last weekend we visited the Food Festival in the grounds of Tewkesbury Abbey.  After munching our way around the various stalls of Gloucestershire produce,  accompanied with a very delicious half pint of strawberry cider for me and ale for hubby, we visited the Abbey.  I have a deep love for historical buildings and spiritual places and mostly love to admire and capture where possible the little details that add to the atmosphere.  I am always amazed at the great care and craftsmanship people took in times past and without the tools we have today.  In the garden of the Abbey we came across the most fabulous tree and wondered what parts of history it has lived through as there were no markers to say how old it is.  Tewkesbury Abbey itself has stood through some major moments in history, one of which was the Battle of Tewkesbury.  Building of the present Abbey began in 1102.

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