Thursday, 25 June 2015

First Impressions Review - Mystical Lenormand

So excited because at long last the Mystical Lenormand is in my hands after a very long time of oooing and oohing over it online. It arrived yesterday morning and so most of last evening, in the absence of the family who were busy doing their own thing, I enjoyed looking through the cards.

I'm a new student to the Lenormand, only beginning my discoveries and exploration early this year but am really enchanted by it all and this will definitely be continuing for a long time to come.  As you've seen in early posts, i've purchased a few Lenormand decks. The one i've been working with the most is the Celtic Lenormand which I love because it ties in so beautifully with my favourite tarot and oracle decks, all illustrated by Will Worthington.

This deck captured my imagination because it has a fairytale quality about with the images being similar to my favourite fairytale book series when I was little, which I still  have and treasure.  The image on the cover of the Star card with the little cat looking out into the night sky accompanied with the telescope and globe of constellations and the beautiful book really captures the magical quality of the deck.

The deck is published by AGM Urania, written by Regula Elizabeth Fiecher and artwork by Urban Trösch.  The box containing the cards and little white book is shrink wrapped, these in turn are plastic wrapped within the box.

The cards are of a good quality, laminated in a silky finish without being slippery and measure 5.7cm x 9cm.  The little white book is very small, contains 33 pages which contain a few spreads and meanings of the cards.

The images are wonderfully detailed.  Even though there has been some comment made that there are too many details or the key object is too small to be easily seen in a large spread, i'm personally not finding this a problem.   I'm particularly enjoying that the scene unfolding on the card is illustrated as though being viewed through an ornate window.  The feeling it creates is a similar effect in the Enchanted Lenormand where the key object is contained in a crystal ball.  It focuses your gaze on what is happening in the card and creates an air of mystery.

These are some of my favourite cards from the deck.

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