Monday, 25 May 2015

3 x 3 x 3 Divination Tag

Chloe from Inner Whispers shared a video of her 3 x 3 x 3 Divination Tag and it was really enjoyable to see her selections and those of others on video and blog.  It looked such fun that I thought i'd join in too.  Video appearances are still awkward for me until I get past my heebie jeebies about being on screen so it's pictures and text till then. 

The idea is to share our three top Tarot, Oracle, Lenormand or Divination tools/accessories.

My three Tarot choices

The Druidcraft Tarot, Crystal Visions Tarot and Anna K Tarot.

The cards shown above really drew me in when I first learned of the decks and is the reason they were each added to my collection.  These three are my daily decks and even though there are several others that I enjoy using, these three really speak to me to most and are the ones I consistently reach for.  As you've probably noticed, i've de- bordered the Druidcraft and Crystal Visions decks because I felt the borders prevented me from really being drawn into the images for some reason.  Best thing ever. 

My three Oracle choices
Het Mandala Orakel, Ask your Guides Oracle and the Druid Animal Oracle

The Mandala Oracle is a deck I bought while visiting my husband's family in the Netherlands, bought it in a bookshop in Rotterdam about 10 years ago.  At the time I couldn't find an English version to buy for clients or friends, luckily for me I can understand Dutch so reading the book or message on the back of each card is not a problem for me but really the mandala says it all itself.  After a time I stopped looking if an English version had been released (maybe i'll do that this evening and can then share what I find).  I like to use them for mediation or during Reiki treatments.

 The cards below are the ones that first captured my attention and imagination in each deck.  I won't be de-bordering the Animal Oracle because the borders work very well for me on this one.

My three other Divination choices

 Pendulum, Scrying Stone and Water

This pendulum above was a gift to me by a friend and it is one of two that I use.  I chose to share this one in the picture is because it is the most thoughtful gift ever received.  At the time she and I were just acquaintances through mutual friends and didn't quite know how to take each other.  She was quite hard to read and prickly at the best of times so I was quite scared of her in a way, yet one afternoon when we were all exchanging gifts within the group, she gifted me with this pendulum.  She "knew" me in some way even though we'd shared very little on a personal level.  This gesture broke down all walls we had and we got on like a house on fire after that.  

I use my pendulums for divination however most of the time they are used when i'm working with Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing.  My favourite method of divination alongside Tarot is scrying either in water in my trusty black bowl or using the scrying stone.  The bowl doesn't have much of a mysterious beginning other than it has to be black and the only place that had the right size and shape after much searching was a local supermarket.  As it's been in use for over 15 years it is now saturated with the mysteriousness it deserves.  The scrying stone was bought for me by my husband during our visit to the Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, Cornwall.  It's so beautiful to work with.

As a little extra to my other divination tools seeing as the scrying bowl and stone are used similarly, i'm adding the Lenormand.  I've only been studying the Lenormand for about 6 months now in depth and am really enjoying it so much.  The Celtic Lenormand is my favourite of all three.

Hope you enjoyed my 3 x 3 x 3 Divination Tag. Thanks Chloe for this enjoyable idea.  Please feel free to share your link to your 3x3x3 Divination Tag in the comments section below.

Another favourite.

Since i'm sharing my top/favourites may as well share another favourite. These are my favourite treat while writing on my blog.  Can't beat a fruity jellybean.

Bye for now.


  1. Sweet! I really like your choices here and am amazed that you know how to scry. That is something I would like to learn eventually. Let me know if you teach it! I took the borders off my DruidCraft and Crystal Visions decks too :)

    1. Thanks Lisa, I've emailed you about scrying.

  2. Hilarious and beautiful post, Karen! Thanks so much for joining in with this tag, I really enjoyed reading your choices. Very glad you love the Celtic Lenormand ;) And those mandala cards are really stunning: turns out they were released in English, but seem to be OOP. At least, on amazon uk they are all second-hand or really expensive...

  3. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks also for looking into the Mandala Oracle, pity it's not available anymore other than outrageously priced out of print.

  4. Hi Karen Thanks for sharing your favorites. The Crystal Visions and the Anna K are some of my favorite decks too, although I didn't add them to my top three.
    We share the love for those three lenormand decks, but if I would have to chose one, it would be the Celtic Lenormand by far
    I live in the Netherlands. so it is fun to hear you can understand Dutch.
    Dus nogmaals bedankt en groetjes uit Nederland :)