Wednesday, 10 June 2015

First and Last Tag

I was excited to see that Kelly had posted up a video on her The Truth in Story YouTube channel, with an invitation to take part in a First and Last tag and immediately wanted to join in.

First and Last Tarot Decks

My first tarot deck was the Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis and Helena Paterson 1990, see it over at

I wrote about it in my first blogpost which you can read here.
The excerpt from that post reads "My first deck was The Celtic Tarot.  Bought in a bookshop in my local mall with a huge amount of excitement and the sense that finally I was taking that step into something magical and slightly forbidden in a delicious way.  I got home, unwrapped it and sat down waiting for the magic to unfold, sadly I felt deflated and unenthused.  Nothing spoke to me and the minor arcana were not cards showing activities, just the number of wands, pentacles, cups and swords.  I had bought this deck mainly because it was one of three in the shop and having Celtic heritage it seemed sensible, (you do have to smile at this). So here I was, uninspired and disappointed, sitting cross legged on my bed wondering what now.  I soldiered on with reading the book, a good sized book not a mini booklet, which was full of information but I could not get things to stick in my mind or make sense to me when I looked at the cards.  I tried a few layouts reading each description from the book and becoming confused, so immediately doing another layout and becoming even more confused - you get the picture and am sure some of you have been in exactly the same place."

I was really sad after this experience but was undaunted and convinced that there would be a deck or decks that spoke to me.   Happily 20 years later i've found quite a few along the way, some that I still have and others that i've loved and released.

My last deck to date is the wonderful, magical, emotional Tarot of the Hidden Realms.  It arrived home the week before last and oh my goodness it is so beautiful.  They have been on my wish list for a while but my concern about it was that it's not a traditional deck in terms of RWS style and how i'd get on with it.   I kept seeing reviews for it, images popped up here and there and just kept feeling so moved by them each time.  I'm so glad they are here now and the first time I sat and looked through the cards they just hit me right in the heart and the solar plexus.

First and Last Oracle Decks

My first oracle deck was The Dolphin Divination Cards by Nancy Clemens, which I no longer have.  They were great little cards, interesting messages and fun.  Someone else needed them so off they went.  Try them online here.

My newest Oracle deck is Nature's Whispers by Angela Hatfield and Josephine Wall.  Well I can tell you these are gorgeous!!!!  I have recently restarted a little night time ritual while getting ready for bed of drawing an oracle card, to have the image in my mind to fall asleep to.  The images are so detailed, you see new things every time and they are so magical and dreamy.

First and Last Other Divination Items

My first divination item that wasn't a tarot deck were a set of runes.  I bought them pretty much around the same time as the Celtic Tarot deck in 1995.  I didn't really invest much time in them then, nor all these years later but i've still got and like to handle them but no readings or studying of the book as yet.  There will come a day when i'll begin working with them but for now they are safe and sound in a place where they are seen and their presence enjoyed.

My last received divination item is the scrying stone which was a gift from my husband, bought on our holiday in Boscastle, Cornwall in 2009 which is so wonderful to work with.  I mentioned it recently in the 3x3x3 Divination tag.

I've enjoyed sharing these with you and thank you to Kelly for the invitation to everyone.  Before signing off, I will let you in on a new purchase which has not arrived as yet.  Thanks to her showing it on the video, the Llewellyn Tarot has somehow come off my wish list and fallen into an actual basket. Imagine that!

Have fun, K


  1. You scrying stone is beautiful. Do you know what kind of stone it is?
    Runes are great you will love it when you decide to start working with them. I love to combine them with tarot cards
    If you like you can pop over to my blog where I've just join in to this tag

  2. I have that Celtic Tarot and quite like it. I can imagine being a bit at a loss if it were one's first deck. It is rather static. I've done mine here: :)

  3. I had the Celtic Tarot years ago when I first started reading the cards, and I had much the same experience as you. The Hidden Realms is one I recently acquired; I loved the artwork but wasn't sure if I would connect with it. But as you described, it is a very "emotional" type deck that one feels rather than reads intellectually. Love the obsidian stone and the kitty next to it. :)

  4. Oh wow, that scrying stone looks amazing! I love the Hidden Reams, too, though I haven't spent nearly long enough with them :) Thanks for sharing!

  5. I'm looking for a first tarot deck to start with, at first I want the centennial rider Waite deck for I see tarot readers use this deck But I find it a bit to simple then I found the Celtic tarot which I find most interesting not on the artwork but on how it portrays the thing I hate on this deck is that it looks to pleasant needs to have a bit of lining

    1. I would recommend The Llewellyn Classic deck as a starter deck if you are not drawn to the traditional Rider Waite decks. It has all the symbolism but the imagery may be more pleasing. It is my preferred deck for learning and reference.