Monday, 6 April 2015

Same card, different personality.

I've been having quite a lot of fun all of March comparing the same card from various decks and writing my thoughts and keywords in my working file, noticing personalities and vibes from each.  It's also been fun getting out some decks i've not visited with in a while and being reminded of their personalities and beautiful artwork.
I've done the comparisons in the past when there's been a card that just hasn't been speaking with me and i've gotten stuck.  Taking the same card from a few decks has helped me see the messages and clues within the card i'm struggling with and so getting thoughts to flow and barriers floating away.

This has been especially useful when buying a new deck and meeting the new cards for the first time.  Even after reading the accompanying book, the meanings can sometimes not sit comfortably until you've sat with the new card and corresponding cards from your collection and begin to see and feel the message.  Equally the new card can show you another perspective for looking at and reading your existing cards.

An example of differences can be seen here in this photo showing the Page of Pentacles taken from the Faerie, Chrysallis, Llewellyn Classic, Druidcraft and Anna-K Tarot decks.   They are all so different yet there is a common thread within them all,  though some are easier to see than others.

This past week I decided to select one deck as the constant or guide deck, and to compare some of the cards i'm needing clarity with from other decks against it.  The deck chosen was the Psychic Tarot Oracle by John Holland.  I love this deck for it's clarity and it really gets my intuition flowing.  I will be continuing with this into next week and write down observations in my working file.  Have you also spent time with your decks in this way?  What have you learned and experienced?  I'd love to chat about it so send me a message using my contact form at the top of my blog or leave a comment.

The cards below are (L-R top row) Psychic, Druidcraft, Anna-K,  (L_R bottom row) Hezicos, Gilded and Llewellyn Tarot decks.

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