Friday, 10 April 2015

Parcel Delivery! - Crystal Visions Tarot and Around the Tarot in 78 Days

I've been waiting ever so patiently for these parcels to arrive and they did, just in time for the weekend.

I've been good and not opened the cards just yet, only having a brief flip through the book but it looks great so can't wait to get reading.  Reading is a great love of mine, especially when it comes to Tarot, with no particular leaning or affiliation to any one author or viewpoint in the subject.  It's a big, beautiful, varied world out there on the subject of Tarot which makes it so interesting.

The Crystal Visions Tarot has been out for a while now and after having seen it on various blogs and Youtube discussions the more I saw and heard about it the more the pull to work with it myself, so i'm really looking forward to that.

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