Saturday, 4 April 2015

First Impressions Review - Celtic Lenormand

The Celtic Lenormand is written by Chloë McCracken with artwork by Will Worthington.

Published by US Games Systems Inc 

The set is comprised of 45 cards and a 188 page guidebook with images of each card in black and white.  These are contained in a box with removable lid which is of good quality and which you could quite easily continue to keep the set in.

The guidebook is an actual little book which makes me so happy, not a funny little white booklet.  The cover is sturdy enough and decorated with artwork from the deck with nice quality pages within.  The font and layout is pleasant to read.

The cards are slightly smaller than a playing card 9cm x 5.7cm with rounded corners, the images are beautiful, colourful and borderless, (fantastic news for those of us who don't enjoy borders).   The cardstock is a pleasant thickness, not to stiff or too thin and the lamination is matte so the cards are not slippery to handle.

The Celtic Lenormand has 9 additional cards to the 36 cards in a traditional Lenormand deck meaning the deck can not only be used as a traditional Lenormand but also to expand the use of the deck with the aspects of Pagan beliefs and teachings within the Lenormand system.  

There is so much more to this deck because of this, which is what makes me love this deck. It opens up the use of the Lenormand for more spiritual experiences, exploration and work. The inclusion of a choice for some of the cards allows the reader to expand the deck and adapt it as needed to work with Deities, family groups, aspects of life, seasons, same sex partnerships, wheel of life and more.

In addition to meanings for each card the book also contains advice on working with Deity, using the cards in spells and a good selection of spreads.

This review is my early impression and thoughts on the deck and book after spending an afternoon meeting the Celtic Lenormand for the first time.  


  1. A lovely review, Karen! Thank you, and I hope that the deck continues to stimulate you and provide you with helpful readings :)

  2. Bardzo dziekuje za piekna recenzje.Zycze bardzo dobrej wspolpracy z kartami :-)