Friday, 3 April 2015

Shuffling and selecting cards.

Quite a lot has been written about the correct way to shuffle and select cards when doing a reading.  When I first began to study the Tarot it was quite clear to me from most of the books I was reading that overall there was quite a firm approach to this process with warnings of inaccurate readings and all sorts if not done correctly.  I dutifully followed along because being a keen student I wanted to get things right and learn properly. For me though the traditional method never seemed to really resonate, I felt that something was missing for me and the idea of things not working if I deviated from this path didn't make sense either.  Being a creative sort, i'm very tactile and like to feel immersed in whatever i'm doing.  The structure of the traditional method, while useful and enjoyed by many was lacking in the magical, feeling of immersion needed to fully tune in to and to allow my intuition begin flowing.  

One morning I decided to shuffle the cards and then instead of cutting into piles, began swirling them around as though swirling water in a bowl, passing cards over and under and around each other which began relaxing my gaze. Then slowly when feeling ready I slid cards aside until coming across the one that seemed to stand out more brightly.  Here at last was the feeling i'd been looking for.

What I particularly enjoy about this method, is that when my gaze is relaxed the swirling and shifting of the cards is like looking at the shifting colours and patterns of a kaleidoscope, which as you know, is a fascination and love of mine.  Pondering on this observation I realised that all my life i've gravitated to the swirling movement and patterns of anything.  Spirals abound in my day to day, my choice of anything seems to have a spiral on it somewhere and the more I looked around the more spirals I noticed on my ornaments, jewellery, clothing etc.  I'm also fascinated by tornadoes..... yet another spiral.

Nowadays the only method of shuffling and selecting of a card I use is this swirling method because for me it feels right.  The point i'm making and what i'd advise is do what feels right for you and don't worry about what the rules say.  Often when you try and continue with a method that doesn't resonate it defeats the whole point of the process of shuffling which is to tune in and become ready for the reading.

Interestingly as I continue to read and speak with others who use, study and enjoy Tarot i'm finding that people are, in my opinion, more adventurous than before and explore styles that may suit them best.  The blog world is full of writings by these adventurous sorts with wonderful, personal ways of working shuffling and selecting their cards.  Maybe try some of these out for yourself.

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