Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Wheel of the Year Tarot

The Wheel of the Year Tarot,
by Maria Caratti, art by Antonella Platano,
Published by Lo Scarabeo.
Copyright Lo Scarabeo

So delighted to finally have this deck. It's been on my wish list for a really long time and last week someone mentioned that there weren't that many to be found, so no wanting this to be one of those decks i'd kick myself for missing, I ordered it.

I'm really pleased with it, there is a wonderful retro feel to the artwork and the images are full of colour and beautifully descriptive.  The card stock is the usual Lo Scarabeo card stock which I do like, the finish has a matte feel to it and the cards shuffle beautifully.

The only thing that disappointed me looking through the deck is the coloured lines on either side of the image in the border.  Try as I might this is really off-putting for me.  I've tried to ignore them but sadly they are really overpoweringly obvious to me and just seem out of place.  

So there is only one thing for it and that's taking off the borders.  I don't make a habit of taking the borders off,  only having trimmed two decks in my collection.  Trimming does mean that i'll lose the bright orange border on the back which I quite like as well as the numbers and descriptions for each card.  However the images are so clearly depicted that there won't be confusion about which card is which.

I'll put up some images of the cards once i've trimmed the deck and may or may not edge the cards in either gold or bronze.

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  1. Really wonderful that you got a deck you've wanted for a while. The artwork is indeed beautiful. Hope you're having fun with it.