Sunday, 5 June 2016

Asking the Question - Is this serving me well?

Lately i've been keeping track of the amount of time I spend on social media, reading, colouring, knitting, crochet, gardening, studying and have been quite taken aback by how much time has been spent on Facebook in particular and how poorly the other facets of my creative/study time have fared. 

So i'm cutting back on Facebook by limiting myself to checking once a day and removing myself from a few groups that don't really share more than loads and loads of daily draws and asking for free readings (boy those are frustrating).  It's about quality, not quantity and sadly there are some groups where the atmosphere has become negative which is not an energy i'm wanting to spend my valuable time in.   I don't want to hang out in groups where the one upmanship and loud voices trying to out shout each other is the norm.   I've become weary of the latest thing being the "be all and end all" and that what has gone before is somehow now inferior. 
Surely it's about what works, what brings joy or adds light that matters, not what something cost or is the latest trend.  Support and cheering each other on is what is important in groups, sharing new knowledge and friendship, honest healthy debate instead of bickering and destructive behaviour.  

I will continue to track my creative and reading/studying activities through June and look forward to seeing a huge change in the pattern with the accompanying sense of achievement and something to show for the time spent.

There's nothing like keeping a visual tracker for a month to see the patterns exposed in front of you on paper and quite an unhealthy unbalanced pattern at that. 

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  1. Good question to ask! Sometimes you just need to pull back a little and sever unhealthy or negative ties in order to make space for a more positive flow of energy in our lives.