Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle - Unboxing and Reveal

I am very excited to write about the unboxing and reveal of some of the cards in the Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle by Cheryl Yambrach Rose.

It was during my recent birthday visit on Winter Solstice to Glastonbury that I came across the gorgeous and magically peaceful Goddess Temple Gift Shop and discovered the Oracle.  I didn't know anything about this deck but was immediately drawn to it from across the room and knew that this would be a deck i'd work with on a personal developmental level.

The deck is published by U S Games Systems and comes in a very sturdy and beautifully decorated box with a gorgeous blue colour on the inside and measures 16cm x 10cm x 3.4cm.  The deck consists of 52 large cards which are gilded and have a beautiful silky finish to them  They do stick together quite a bit at first but nothing a little gentle coaxing apart doesn't solve.

The accompanying book contains 108 pages with black and white images, the card title and meaning on the left page and the information about the card on the right.  There is not a great deal written for each card however what is there is informative and does inspire further investigation and reading to learn more.  The images of the cards are based on sacred sites and their mythology combined with historical data and psychic impressions of the artist.

The back of the cards have the most gorgeous image, absolutely breathtaking in its atmosphere and mystery.  I cannot describe, try as I might, just how this backing image pulled at and called to me, so deep and spiritual.

The images on the cards are really beautiful and have the most wonderful details and landscapes to draw you in, to meditate upon and be inspired by.  They draw you in on a journey that unfolds as your eyes wander around the unfolding scene before you.  As with most decks there are the odd cards that don't resonate for people and these differ for each.  For me there are three, however once i'd spent a little time with them they felt less so though will take time and perhaps it has more to do with the style or composition than anything else.  I've not included these cards in my photographs because I prefer not to transfer my opinions on those cards, rather to let others discover for themselves their own feelings about each of the cards.

My experience so far working with the Oracle is that it is proving to be a wonderful deck for personal development because they encourage exploration of your own insights but also connection with your higher self in a meditative way which is gentle but powerful.  There is a sacred peacefulness about them that I enjoy and hope you will too should you choose to welcome them to your family of decks.

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