Friday, 1 January 2016

Word for the Year - 2016

A new year is upon us and so as with the year before, after meditation on the energy I would like to bring into my life, I have a new word for this unfolding year.  This word is my focus, that "something" which I feel deep inside as that which I am to learn from and to work with for my progression.


The very word makes me breathe a sigh of release.  I am looking forward to exploring the year keeping BALANCE in my focus and incorporating it into how I approach things, how I progress with plans,  how I will maintain balance in relationships both personal and professional and how life will feel for me this year keeping BALANCE in focus and as my guide.   BALANCE to me, brings a sense of peace at the thought,  but I know it will also be a learning experience because i'm not very good at slowing down enough to find the BALANCE, or saying no enough not to be taken advantage of or to avoid being overburdened, BALANCE in going with the flow a bit more too.

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