Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New Decks - The Wild Wood Tarot and The Heart of Faerie Oracle

Two new decks have arrived in my tarot card family.  While visiting Bristol the weekend just past, firstly just to spend the day exploring and secondly to visit a shop I stumbled across a few months back, I was treated to The Heart of Faerie oracle by my hubby.  The shop is called Dragon's Gallery and it's in the St James Arcade in Bristol City Centre.  What I like most about it is the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and a friendly, knowledgeable shop owner.  There are such interesting fossils there, crystals and different tarot decks i've not seen anywhere else.

This oracle is one that has been on my list and i've loved the artwork each time i've seen the images drifting by on Instagram. So imagine my delight to find it sitting there on the shelf.   Showing financial restraint I put it back after admiring and oohing and aahing over it a bit.  Hubby then asked why I had put it back and when i'd said that I really shouldn't etc etc,  he said it would be a shame to go home without it,  seeing as it's a deck i've been wanting and how often do I see a wanted deck on an actual shelf rather than on the internet.  No need to mention any of that twice!!!

The second deck, The Wildwood Tarot arrived on Monday after a very lucky win on ebay. This is a deck that most would assume I already have in my tarot family given that I adore my Druidcraft and Animal Oracle decks, not forgetting the Celtic Lenormand all illustrated by Will Worthington.   Weirdly enough I never had it, until now.  I'm looking forward to settling in with the accompanying book because from what i've heard it has a wealth of information contained within it's pages.


  1. Both are great decks they will be working wonderfully together. My Wildwood tarot deserves a good shuffle very soon. It has been on the shelf far to long
    Have fun with your new addition to you tarot family!

  2. Ah...another Will Worthington fan! I have The Wildwood Tarot, The Druid Animal Oracle and The Druid Plant Oracle. I'm working on getting The Druidcraft Tarot and The Celtic Lenormand to add to my Will Worthington collection. I'll have to decide whether or not to add The Camelot Oracle and The Green Man Tree Oracle. I haven't felt called to the Camelot one, though the artwork is absolutely stunning (of course), and the Green Man Tree one is OOP and hard to find complete, but has the trees and the ogham on them.