Friday, 11 September 2015

Instagram Community

Recently i've been taking part in a challenge on Instagram which was posted by @gypsyarts at the end of August.  Being relatively new to Instagram, this challenge has so far been a lot of fun and introduced me to some amazingly creative people, new friends and inspiration.  It is refreshing and heartwarming to be able to share with like minded people in a supportive community and also to talk about or show things that they totally "get" that others don't.  There is no end to the gorgeous photos of cards, crystal, candles, sacred places and more.  If you haven't tried Instagram yet, pop over.

Here some of the images i've been posting for the tarot challenge so far.  You can find me at @kaleidoscopetarot by clicking the Instagram link in the right hand column on my blog.

Five Card Spread.
Tarot and a beverage.

 Favourite Ace

 Death Card
 Tarot and Oracle
Difficult Card
Sacred Space

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