Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Bags and Pouches

This weekend just past, I finally finished the tarot pouch i'd been working on, or to be more precise,  faffing about with.

I wanted something that would hold the cards nice and snug without room to move around when in my handbag on ventures out the house.

The prototype was initially made as a knitted fabric but this proved to be too soft in structure and once the drawstring around the top was tightened the bag was a bit billowy and the cords could tangle on things.

Ripping this out, the bag was worked in crochet which gave a sturdier fabric though by now it was beginning to dawn on me that a bag was not my preferred choice because of the shape when drawn closed and the tangling cords issue.

A neat and tidy compact pouch or purse was what I was after.  Ripping out again but still working in crochet I made the pouch you see here with the flap secured with a button instead of cords.   No tangling issues, nice and compact and no cards moving about.  Success!

I'm working on another pouch at the moment but this one is worked in Tunisian crochet instead and with a side flap rather than a top flap.

Even better, i'm using materials and oddments from my yarn and crafty stash and what a stash that is I can tell you.


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