Wednesday, 5 August 2015

New Arrival - The Mystical Cats Tarot

So this morning, there was an anticipated knock at the door and The Mystical Cats Tarot has arrived.  I've been looking forward to this deck for a long time, not because it's taken ages to come in the post, but rather i've been wanting a cat themed deck for years.  I am a cat lover and we have two in the family, however that's not the reason for the deck and i'm not about to do readings for my cats as someone asked me recently.  No, the reason is that the graceful, serene, mysterious energy accompanied with the feisty, observant and playful energy is what i'd like to work with and explore.  There has been much investigation of the various decks available but time and again I was drawn back to this one because the gentle imagery is what most appealed to me and additionally will set the mood or atmosphere within which i'd like to explore.

I may do a first impressions post in the coming days and may even venture into making a video but will see whether I can get my act and equipment together and try not to sound too nervous.  Maybe or maybe not......


  1. Have fun with your new deck!

  2. Some day I MUST get this for my daughter, I can't wait to hear how you feel this reads! ~Kelly