Monday, 20 April 2015

Crystal Visions Tarot De-bordered

After the success and my delight at the result with removing the borders from the Druidcraft Tarot,  the next deck that absolutely needed the borders removed for me to really connect with the images was the Crystal Visions Tarot.  Now before continuing,  let me say that i'm not going to be removing borders from all my decks because most of them don't need it so you're not going to see loads of posts with me altering decks.  I actually prefer to keep decks as they were created but really wanted to sink into the images of the Druidcraft and the Crystal Visions decks.

The borders were removed using the same process used with the Druidcraft Tarot, however this time with the addition of colouring the edges of the cards.  After trying a gold pen which was awkward and a bit hair-raising a gold inkpad was much preferred and gave a lovely effect with the gentle smudging on the surface of the card adding an antiqued effect that i'm loving.

Interestingly this process of spending time with each card in this way has really helped me bond even more with these two decks.  Probably my love of crafting and it's meditative aspect combining with my love of the cards has something to do with this.

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  1. Oooh, the gold edges are a lovely idea! I've de-bordered a couple of decks (DruidCraft and the Tarot of the Sidhe), but I used a guillotine and corner cutter - not such a crafty person, I guess :)