Friday, 17 April 2015

A fab idea for displaying the daily card.

Whenever i've drawn my card for the day it usually spent the day propped against something on my spiritual table.  This has been fine but sometimes the card has fallen over and also the position doesn't lend itself from being seen easily.  My spiritual table is in the conservatory and faces away from the door to the rest of the house and no matter what the card rested against it just wasn't facing at the right angle to be seen as I passed by.  Then yesterday an idea pop up out of the blue, to purchase a lovely frame to sit my card within.

What's great is now it can be easily seen during the day when i'm not in the conservatory and going about my day (usually involving domestic goddess duties).  Also the frame highlights it so my eyes are drawn immediately to it from afar.  I'm really loving how special it makes the daily card feel and look.

The aperture is big enough for any of my cards to sit within and the white sheet that it came with was replaced by a blue piece from my craft stash.

You might also find this a useful addition to your spiritual or inspirational space.

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