Monday, 5 January 2015

Journalling - Preparing your Daily Journal


Creating a daily journal is the most useful tool you will have in your exploration and study of Tarot. Your daily journal is where you record your thoughts and message/s received from your selected card of the day, returning later in the day to record you reflections on events and feelings.  The daily journal is valuable because it provides a wealth of personal symbology and meaning and how you view events in life and their correlation with the cards.

I took some time deciding on which type of book to use for this and chose, after much consideration of pro's and con's of various options, to use a page a day diary in A5 size.  The main reason I settled on this size is to guide me into being less wordy and be more to the point in my writing style. I also have a tendency to try to add too much information which then makes things too cumbersome for what is intended to be a 15 minute moment each day.

If you choose a basic plain covered diary or notebook, spend some time decorating the outside to make it special and uniquely yours,  an extra bonus is you get some fun creative time and a session of meditative reflection on what you are preparing for.  I'm a big fan of creativity and making things wherever and whenever you can get the chance.  There are some diaries and notebooks out there with lovely covers to begin with that may be just the thing for you.

Another very useful tool is your Working File which is where you will write your notes of study, insights into the cards, your personal keywords, things you want to study, books to read and so on.   I will write more on this in the near future.

So the next thing to do is venture out there on foot or via the internet and find your new best friends, your daily journal and a working file (an A4 ring file and pad of lined punched paper).  

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