Sunday, 4 January 2015

Tarot Decks - Choosing your first deck.

In this subject, my own pathway did not demonstrate any clear direction or plan in my finding the perfect deck to learn with.  In fact my path to finally finding a beginner's deck that suited me absolutely down to the ground took until this year, 19 years after starting out as a beginner.  Up until then I settled with using the Universal Waite as my beginner's deck but just knew it was missing something for me.  I enjoyed liaisons with quite a few decks along the way, most of them too complicated for a beginner but beautiful nonetheless, some i've kept, others i've let go.  They all taught me something and helped me continue on with my love of Tarot but I always struggled to find that one deck that spoke to me as a teaching deck and guide amongst the others. 

The lesson I have taken away from this is that you can own some of the beautiful and complex decks, but it is easier and better to learn with a deck that is suited to being a beginner deck.  It is my opinion that starting out with a Rider Waite Smith based deck is the best way to start out, even if it doesn't make your heart sing it is easier and will start your journey off on the right foot, cutting out all the frustration I went through.  By all means collect decks along the way whose imagery does make your heart sing but while you are learning, keep using your Rider Waite Smith deck for this.  Keep it simple, keep it light.

The deck that I am loving and finding such a joy to use as my continuing teacher and guide is the Llewellyn Classic Tarot deck.  I wish this deck had come along in my journey a lot sooner but hey, that's the way it is.  This deck ticks all the boxes for me in terms of imagery, feel and colours combined with the clarity of the Rider Waite Smith deck.  So this is my recommended beginner's deck, absolutely.  Also the guide book is wonderful, clear and concise.

Some good beginner decks are,
Llewellyn Classic (love it)
Original Rider Waite
Universal Rider Waite
Radiant Rider Waite

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