Saturday, 10 January 2015

Doing your Daily Card Reading

A long time back when I first decided on drawing a card for the day, the setting of the scene and having a ritual was something that I thought had to be done.  Sadly it proved to be cumbersome and so resulted in making the daily card reading and journalling time consuming which then resulted in me skipping days because I couldn't fit it in.  Nowadays i'm much more relaxed about these sorts of things and don't worry that things won't work without the rituals.  I do love a ritual and indulge in it for those special occasions where I want to luxuriate in a full spread, development time or meditation but usually for my daily card reading it is pretty simple and no fuss.

My daily card reading goes as follows:

I go to my sacred place, centre and ground myself while lighting my working candle,

unwrap the deck from it's silk scarf,

shuffle the deck then spread the cards out on the table, swirling them and mixing them until i'm ready to draw out the card that calls to me,

An alternative method which is more traditional is to shuffle the deck, then using your non dominant hand, cut the deck into three piles,

reassemble the deck in whichever order you choose and then fan the cards out,

select one for the reading.

Once ready I write in my journal using the same format as the templates shared.

Giving thanks I blow out the candle, wrap my deck except the card for the day and bring the session to a close.

You can read more about my preference for the spiral or swirled version in my blog post about shuffling and selecting cards.

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