Thursday, 8 January 2015

A delicious diversion.

It's an overexcited afternoon here today, joy of joys my anticipated parcel has arrived containing some beautiful treasure.

Here it is!  Isn't it breathtaking?!

It is not a Tarot Deck but it is definitely worth sharing with you on here because it is just such a beauty and a real treat with the gorgeousness of the images that I was sure you'd enjoy unwrapping it with me.  The deck is by Ciro Marchetti who also created The Gilded Tarot.  

This is my first Lenormande Deck, I know very little about working with it though i'm looking forward to the entire process of learning and discovery.  I came across it purely by happy accident and was completely enraptured enough to investigate further, discovering some videos showing Lenormande readings and knew absolutely this is something i'd love to know more about.  

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