Thursday, 5 April 2018

Recolouring the borders of the Tarot of a Moon Garden.

As you may remember, in my post about Boomerang Decks, that I mentioned finding the white borders around the images on the cards distracting but didn't want to trim the deck.  Well I took the plunge and recoloured them and wow what a difference this has made for me.  So here they are.

Tarot of a Moon Garden with recoloured borders.

Initially I thought about using coloured pencils but they wouldn't take to the glossy coating.  Having too solid a border if i used markers wasn't the effect I wanted and painting would have a similar problem with the coating.  After a bit of experimenting I went with a Zig Marker in Pure Violet.

My technique was to draw a zig zag line around the card in the centre of the white border and then to immediately smudge the ink thereby filling the white space with the aid of some tissue over my finger tip.  The effect is like watercolour and is just what I visualised as wanting to achieve.

I'm happy to report that i'm not ever parting with this deck again.  It's boomeranging days are over.

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