Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Boomerang Decks

Have you ever had a deck that just keeps on coming back, time and again?

Well yes, I have one of those and it is the Tarot of a Moon Garden.

Tarot of a Moon Garden by Karen Marie Sweikhardt and
published by U S Games.
Just this week another copy of the deck arrived - my third purchase to be exact.   I was lucky enough to snap it up on eBay for £10 and the cards are in perfect condition despite the box being a bit worn.

I bought my first copy in the late 90's and sold it a few years after because I didn't use it and found some of the imagery confusing or busy.  In 2016 I felt the urge to have it in my collection again but on its arrival I felt the old familiar niggle about the imagery and, peculiarly, found that the colours seemed more washed out than I recalled.  I know i'm not alone in this recollection going by the comments i've seen on social media.

What is it about this deck?  Is it the unicorns, the dragonflies or the fairytale quality that it has?  I've no idea but i've decided that this one is staying put ............ although i'm feeling the urge to be a little creative with it.  I won't be giving it a borderectomy like some in the tarot community have given it but I will say i'm contemplating adding a bit of colour to cover those white borders so that it looks more like the cover of the box.  Watch this space.

In the meantime i'd love to hear your boomerang deck experiences.