Friday, 27 January 2017

Hello again old friend.

Two years ago when this blog came into being one of my first posts was about the start of my love affair with Tarot in 1995.

The first deck I ever owned was The Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis.

Here's what I wrote about it in that early post.

"My first deck was The Celtic Tarot.  Bought in a bookshop in my local mall with a huge amount of excitement and the sense that finally I was taking that step into something magical and slightly forbidden in a delicious way.  I got home, unwrapped it and sat down waiting for the magic to unfold, sadly I felt deflated and unenthused.  Nothing spoke to me and the minor arcana were not cards showing activities, just the number of wands, pentacles, cups and swords (pips I know now).  I had bought this deck mainly because it was one of three in the shop and having Celtic heritage it seemed sensible, (you do have to smile at this). So here I was, uninspired and disappointed, sitting cross legged on my bed wondering what now.  I soldiered on with reading the book, a good sized book not a mini booklet which was full of information but I could not get things to stick in my mind or make sense to me when I looked at the cards.  I tried a few layouts, reading each description from the book and becoming confused, so immediately doing another layout and becoming even more confused - you get the picture and am sure some of you have been in exactly the same place."

A few years later I sold the deck.

I'm happy to say that twenty two years on I have been lucky enough to track down a copy of the deck and book and it is once again in my bookshelf.  Isn't the artwork just gorgeous, I really missed it.  Just goes to show that sometimes it's just not the right time to work with a deck.  It definitely was the wrong choice as a beginner but now that i'm a lot further down the track and very curious about pip decks it's perfect timing.

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