Sunday, 28 August 2016

Unboxing: The Norse Tarot

Towards the end of July we were lucky to be able to travel to spend a few days in Oslo.  This was the perfect setting for me to finally unwrap and enjoy the Norse Tarot, which i'd carefully kept hidden away from myself until the trip.

A few months prior to the trip, my hubby gifted me with the deck.  We had discovered that the artist and creator Clive Barrett, had his studio and shop called the The Green Man and the Gatekeeper.  It's a scenic 45 minute drive away from our home to the ancient Forest of Dean.  Well, what a magical shop full of beautiful things and lovely to meet him too.  "Thank you Clive for generously signing my book for me".

Although i've called my post an unboxing, it was actually an unwrapping as the deck came without a box.  The green pouch is one I already had which I used to transport the deck in (not one i've bought from his shop in case you want one.  You may be wondering why the presence of dragonflies.....well, I had left home without my favourite blue silk wrap you often see in my photos so my dragonfly scarf was called into action.

The images are great, and what I particularly liked was seeing things within the images that i'd seen in the various museums we had just visited.  It has made the images come more alive to me because of that.  The deck comes with a little white book so while learning more about this deck I will need to do some research and discovery, but that's all part of the enjoyment.

You will find Clive Barrett's website at Green Man and the Gatekeeper  and this is where you will be able to see more images from the Norse Tarot.

Hope you enjoy this little glimpse of the deck and some scenes from Oslo.

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