Sunday, 13 March 2016

Nourishment of your Soul.

Good grief, imagine my surprise when I noticed that it's been a whole month since my last post!

Time has certainly flown by.   Reflecting back on what i've been up to since that last post it's easy to see how because it really has been a few weeks of being busy and active, which is good.  However it has also meant that some things which I love; like my blog, knitting, drawing and reading have taken a bit of a back seat and goodness me i've really been missing them.

There has been a sense, particularly in the last week or so, that i've not been nourishing myself creatively enough and it does begin to filter through into a feeling of being off centre.  I very much need to be immersed in the spiritual and creative to feel whole and well.  So going forward there is going to be more meditation time, knitting instead of eating in front of the TV, reading an actual book rather than the iPad before bed, spending more time with the cards and enjoying my colouring in more frequently than of late.

Are you taking note of whether you are nourishing yourself and nourishing your soul enough with the things you love to do?

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  1. Happy to hear you making yourself a priority again. So often caring for ourselves is being pushed to the backburner