Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Reconnecting with a deck from the past.

Sometime around 1997 I purchased a copy of the Tarot of the Old Path.  It had called to me from the shelves in my local bookshop with it's beautiful aqua coloured box and the image from the card of The High Priestess.  On opening, it truly was a magical deck and many of the images, particularly those of the Major Arcana captured my imagination.  Sadly though, it lay on the shelf for quite a while thereafter, because as beautiful as it was we weren't really able to connect.  I was still in the early stages of learning tarot back then and actively searching for the best deck to learn with, without guidance from anyone as to the best and simplest deck to start with.  So eventually it was sold to release it to someone who could pay it the attention it deserved and the search for a learning deck continued.

Fast forward to the beginning of this month and images of this deck started to pop up here and there on the internet and I found myself wishing i'd not sold it.

Luckily for me I have this deck yet again and this one came to me as preloved so it feels like mine never left.  I'd seen an old advert on a forum offering it for sale and contacted the seller to enquire if they by any chance still had it after all this time.  Happily yes they did still have it so we arranged a trade of decks with one I wanted to rehome.

At last after all this time i'm able to connect and work with this deck and it's a pleasure because it really is wonderful.

Sometimes it just takes the right time, circumstances and knowledge for things to make sense and fall into place.  So maybe if you have a deck sitting on a shelf somewhere that you've not connected with, take it out and see what happens.  You may discover that things have changed!

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