Sunday, 11 October 2015

Into the Woods......... Unboxing The Faeries' Oracle

Two weeks ago I enjoyed a seaside break with my husband in Devon.  While exploring Totnes we came across a shop called Paper Moon, a delightful shop filled with exactly all the types of things I love to find, in one place and with a very chatty, knowledgeable and friendly man at the counter.  Sitting on the shelf, where I could hardly believe my luck because i'd been hankering after this deck for a while, was The Faeries' Oracle by Brian Froud.

I've kept it wrapped until today, yes lots and lots of restraint was needed these past two weeks but it was worth waiting for because I decided that unboxing this deck would be extra special out in the woods.  So today we went off for a woodland walk, up in the beautiful hills and after a short while wandering through the trees and fallen leaves, happened upon a perfect spot.

Enjoy the photos, it really was a special unboxing and hopefully they convey just a little of this morning's enjoyment.

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  1. What beautiful and magical surroundings for the unboxing of this gorgeous deck