Friday, 6 March 2015

Tarot for guidance at times of unease.

Life can often throw up situations in your life that you haven't yet learned how to deal with or sort through.  When this happens a person can often not know which decision to make even though they have a little voice in their mind or gut feeling of the correct action to to be taken.  Additionally they may also not want advice of friends or family, preferring to find a solution themselves as part of the growth process.

When this happens to me, I do turn to my Tarot cards for guidance, confirmation, kick up the butt or pep talk.  It's not that friends aren't available to be turned to for advice, it's more that sometimes I know deep inside what the knowledge or correct form of action to take is but I can't quite get it out or second guess myself.

This past week I have been using the Druidcraft Tarot for my readings as feel i'm needing the earthiness and stability of it and maybe also as we are entering Spring feels more in tune with my love and connection of being outdoors exploring and wandering.

This week has thrown up such a situation/an issue i've yet to get to grips with whenever it comes up.  In the past i've withdrawn but i'm fed up doing that or having the sick in my tummy feeling when it's happened.  So a card reading was needed.

Wednesday's card (the upset happened a few days earlier so i'd been gnawing at myself since then) was The Lord and the biggest sense of relief washed over me because the little voice had been telling me to stand my ground, not allow myself to feel defeated, not let this make me want to pull my head into my shell and not share anything ever again.

This was very good advice because i'd been contemplating not sharing creative offerings publicly again.  Instead, things got a spring clean, a reaffirming of my ideas and stamping my mark on my creations.  Regarding the boundary issue, again it was my sharing too easily which had been taken for granted.

How i've also looked at these experiences now is that i've perhaps been too trusting, also reserved about tooting my own horn where it matters and sharing too easily.  I'm going to keep visualising the steadfastness of The Lord image at these times, clarity of vision and integrity.

Thursday's card was The Seven of Pentacles and again some very good advice, in particular taking stock of a situation before moving forward.

Think things through before making actions which would direct me away from the direction in which I want to move in.

I'm feeling very calm today with new inspiration of what i'd like to change or try. 

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