Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Reflection - Too many voices?

Over the last few weeks I have been unwell thanks to winter bugs and while this has been frustrating it has given me a lot of reading time which I have secretly really enjoyed.

With this free time I ventured in earnest into the world of online Tarot forums, Facebook pages and Blogs, reading and reading and visiting until my eyes felt like they were spinning from all the images and my mind was crammed full of information, opinions and readings.

What I discovered during this time on the internet is that my own voice seemed to become drowned out, my ideas of the direction I wanted to be heading in felt like it was veering off course, my journalling fell behind and I began to feel out of sorts.  A few days were spent feeling disheartened and sad, questioning whether I was on the right track with what I was wanting to do.  It was worrying me so before bed last night I sent my concerns off into the night trusting that i'd wake with a feeling of what to do.

This morning arrived and with it the sense of knowing to go through all the pages, groups, blogs i'd bookmarked or joined and remove them because you see, i'd filled my mind up with too many voices and personalities and had stopped listening to my own inner voice.  While the internet Tarot community is vast and interesting to immerse yourself in, when you're walking your own path and sharing your own light, this can be distracting.  I think this applies to any field of interest or dream, you need to hear your own inner voice the loudest because that's what makes what you share, unique.

Today was spent reassessing things and reacquainting myself with my journal, doing a bit of spiritual recharging.  I'm back on track, concentrating my focus on studying The Holistic Tarot book at present and working on my own reference notes and ideas.

Have you had a similar experience?  What did you learn?

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