Monday, 10 February 2020

Guidance for the week beginning 10 February 2020

Photo by Karen Wiederhold
The cards for this week are Purity and the Eight of Pentacles. Don't pay attention to thoughts about past mistakes or negativity about yourself and your abilities - begin anew, fresh and ready to be great. The Eight of Pentacles speaks to us of working steadily at fine tuning or mastering our skill, learning perseverance through the process and gaining confidence.

Be mindful of being too critical of your progress this week in whatever it is you are working at. If you are considering learning something new - this week may be the week to begin setting that wheel in motion. If you’re worried about time constraints in doing that, this card reminds us that not everything needs to be achieved overnight. There is value in gaining knowledge and experience through the process of study, practice, trial and error.

Wishing you a wonderful week, be kind to yourself and honour your uniqueness.


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Cards: Crystal Visions Tarot, Sacred Destiny Oracle. #hayhouse #loscarabeo #jennifergalasso #deniselinn


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