Saturday, 3 October 2015

Thought for the Week

Speaking up.  Easy to say but often not easy to do.

We have all had an occasion where something has happened that has caused a level of emotional pain that seems so small to someone else yet has a big impact to us.  Because we perceive it as small, we feel that it's not worthy of speaking up about, we think somehow we'll muddle through it and it will be okay or go away.  But it's not okay and it hangs around in the shadows and hurts even more each time it pops back into our life.  That's what lessons disguised as problems or problem situations do, they reappear until we face them and learn from them

The lesson for me which has resurfaced recently is that being undermined or devalued by someone in the things I have invested half my life studying, creating and gaining experience in is not okay.  Ask anyone who has taken time to hone a skill with great care and attention what their feeling is when another person, who only possessing a fleeting understanding or grasp of the subject, discounts the knowledge and experience of the other by portraying themselves as suddenly knowledgeable in the subject or taking on plans and ideas as their own when they are not.

So the thought for the coming week is speak up about something you feel needs resolving, speak up from a place of love for and of valuing yourself and for what you hold dear.  Speak your truth and know that whatever the outcome, you will be okay.


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