Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Wishes do come true - New Deck - The Robin Wood Tarot

Wishes do come true.

I've had the Robin Wood Tarot on my list for years, waiting for the time to feel right before buying it and this week was a very happy recipient of a deck and for a very very little amount of money.  Now most would ask why is she so thrilled about this. The thing is I was expecting to receive a used deck for the price and instead was surprised and lucky to receive a brand new deck, still in it's plastic cloak and with free postage as a lovely gesture by the sender!

So I do feel a lucky and happy lady indeed, especially in a month where, because of a huge vet bill for our cute and lovely bunny, i'd decided to only treat myself to something small.  Sometimes things just happen so beautifully and make you appreciate generous people and those serendipitous moments.  This deck is even more special for me now.

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