Friday, 5 June 2015

Tidbits: Propping up a card idea/solution

Good morning.  Just a fun post today, mainly because I came up with this idea out of needing to solve a problem, a minor one, but nevertheless a problem at that moment.  I have recently restarted a little night time ritual while getting ready for bed of drawing an oracle card, to have the image in my mind to fall asleep to.  The problem has been that i've wanted to prop it up somewhere I can see it in the morning but it kept falling over.  It fell over again this morning and so a cunning plan was hatched, what to do.........  I do plan on buying a small frame but in the meantime.......what to do.  Then it hit me and off I went to the all-sorts drawer and pulled these out.

They are fairy light holders with a suction cup which is perfect for sticking onto smooth surfaces.  In my case I have a glass protector on my cabinet so they stick on perfectly but I did think and try out for confirmation that if your surface isn't sticky then an upturned saucer, piece of perspex, acetate film or spare tile would do too as a base.


The best bit is the card doesn't get damaged either because the suction clips are soft.

Interestingly the card says Be in Service so this could count couldn't it (jokes)  I will be in service in a different way today but this may help solve a niggle of yours.  Have a fab day :-)

PS:  The deck is the Nature's Whispers Oracle which is just so beautiful.  I have prepared a First Impressions of when I first opened it, will post it up soon.


  1. What a clever idea, thanks for sharing that. And yes, the deck looks gorgeous, I've been seeing lots of positive comments about it :)

  2. What a nifty idea this is!

  3. I do a daily draw with a Tarot card, an Oracle card and a Rune (Northumbrian) every morning. I use clear plastic business card holders to hold mine (the cards, not the rune, that sits in front of them) so they can sit on my desk all day to remind me of their energy. I had some extras from reading at fairs, and I found they're the perfect size for all of my decks so far, even my largest oracle cards. I love your idea too!