Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Kaleidoscope Tarot - Why the name?

© Karen Wiederhold
That's a question i've been asked quite a bit so i'll tell you why.

Firstly I loooove Kaleidoscopes.  Secondly I looooove Tarot cards.  Always have and always will.

Now most would say, oh okay, she's just added the two loves together and yes that is partly true, however the main reason for the name is this.

Kaleidoscopes hold a fascination for me because with each turn of the chamber you have a random coming together of colours and shapes that give you a beautiful and complex image to enjoy.  Sometimes the images are more beautiful than others, more colourful and complex, other times simple.  For me this is what life is like - beautiful, complex and colourful - forever changing- always needing the other chips of glass to join together to make a whole image.  Without each colourful chip of glass or bead coming together we wouldn't have the delightful image.  That's what life and relationships are all about.  We all add our little bit of colour and individuality in ever changing circumstances to make a beautiful and complex story.

© Karen Wiederhold
Tarot is a series of beautiful, complex and colourful images that are a delight to simply enjoy looking at, or when put together they tell a story or lead you to a way of looking at a situation that you may not have thought of before.  Each card has it's own story or personality and a link to an aspect of life.  As the combinations of cards come together the story develops, the message and advice develops and when this is combined with the querent and their personal circumstances and question, the cards come together displaying an aspect of life in the person's story.  As life changes and questions or the advice which is sought changes, so do the combinations of individual cards and the overall picture and story they display.

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